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Back again

Ok, so its been ages since I've updated my journal. Last time I was at the start of a fast. This fast finished early, I felt like a failer but one of my housemates (my best friend) was really concerned and as it was the end of the year she had loads of work and so did I, it was adding to her stresses. It would have been selfish for me to continue. However, I did manage to convince her to go on a diet with me, which worked as she was off my case but the annoying thing was she was loosing more weight then me! Cause she's heavier than me.

Anyway, as you may have guessed as I'm writing in my journal again, I'm back to my old lifestyle, not fasting, but restricting. My friend has already been on at me but this time I'm not letting her affect me.

I'm back with my ex after having a year away from each other. He doesn't know what's been going on with me because at the moment he has other, more inportant things to deal with.

So far I've lost 4lbs, in a week, I've missed saying stuff like that! At the moment I'm planning to loose about a stone. I'm thinking of starting fast soon.

So thats me at the moment!

J xx
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hey sweety its nice to talk to you again...
How are things going?
Im abaout to start a crash diet of fasting lke crazy before christmas!
I hope your ok..
hey, i want to do the same, that is fasting and shit, its so good to hear from you again!

We'll do this together!

Think thin

Its great I can talk to you on here again. I have very much neglected my LJ (hence getting so fat) and have a LONG way to go..
You were always so supportive and inspirational :)
My aim was to lose 20lbs by christmas but Im not sure If i can make it..
Im going to try though.
Just go for it, do your best. I wouldn't mind loosing 20lbs before christmas but its soooo not going to happen. At the moment I'm doing less than 500 cals a day, but not really exersising!

Stay safe xxxxx