featherstrive (featherstrive) wrote,


Hello friends, I don't know if anybody is watching my journal as I haven't posted in so long that you have probably all given up on me.

I have strayed a little from ana as being at home and near my boyfreind makes it so hard!

Anyway almost time for uni so I will be back on track soon enough, can't wait!

reply if you are watching, just so I know!
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Im watching! have missed you! x
I've missed you too! I can't wait to back without any restrictions so that I can write so much more in my journal!

Everything will be back to normal soon!

Thanks for replying it means so much to me!

Hows everything going with you?
aw yay! cant wait to start reading your posts again! .. its been going pretty bad but i have just got back on track :)
mais bien sur!

I was actually thinking about your journal today. I'm glad you're back.
Hey I just started writing again and I saw you on my friends thing so I have been enjoying reading your journal.Good Luck with your Goals!